Winter Conference

This company’s consultants spend most of their time out seeing clients. With this in mind, in order to push forward strategies and share knowledge, once a year all members of staff are gathered in a winter conference. Although the content of the conference is taken very seriously, the Winter Conference is a mixture of business and pleasure.

2013’s Winter Conference was held in Sälen with the theme “Legends”. The topic on how individuals as well as teams could become legends within the company was discoursed. Internal talents, nowadays working in the company’s global sister offices, inspired, discussions were held both in plenary as well as in smaller groups and the whole session was accompanied with a great portion of humor. Among others the legendary break with the repulsive “Glassbilen” (ice-cream truck).

In the-ski slopes the participants had the chance to challenge legendary Swedish skiers and during the evenings the dinner arrangements offered various settings related to the theme “Legends”. When the mythical DJ-duo Rebecca & Fiona kicked off the dance floor the last evening of the conference, the atmosphere was absolutely “legendary”…

The survey among the participants after the conference, showed a thorough increase in the understanding of the company’s vision as well as its strategy.