Vasakronan corporate meeting 2011

Swedish property company Vasakronan has devoted most of its corporate communication efforts over the last three years to the merge between AP Fastigheter and Vasakronan, basing its key messages on unity and “one Vasakronan”. Focusing on systems, process management and work methods, Vasakronan has also worked hard to increase efficiency and financial growth.

Creative Meetings had the pleasure of working with Vasakronan to address the challenge of involving and engaging employees in the unification two separate organizations. The purpose of the most recent meeting, in 2011, was to cement the image of “One Vasakronan” and to build on a corporate culture that promotes dialogue. Participants worked throughout the day using dialogue systems, letting everyone participate and have a say. Workshop sessions were mixed with entertaining happenings and surprise activities, like a flashmob of singers and the inspirational Pär Johansson, Managing Director of the Glada Hudik Theatre.

Vasakronan’s ”Corporate Championship” promotes employees who have contributed innovatively, helped renew the organization, created good business opportunities and acted as good colleagues. “Leader of the Year” and “Employee of the Year” were given extra time in the spotlight through personal video tributes (filmed in great secrecy…). The event festivities continued into the night…

Approval of the statement ”We are ONE Vasakronan” increased by 8 % after the event. Participants gave the event an average rating of 3,81 on a scale of 1-4 (4 being the best).