SPP Day 2011

How do we move from ”knowing” to ”doing”? That was the challenge for the SPP Day 2011. SPP chose one of its most recent sponsees, Fryshuset, as venue for the event. Instead of a traditional theatre seating arrangement and a day of crunching old-school powerpoints, the organization chose to let its employees participate through dialogue systems and open workshops.

Employee engagement was noticeable in entertainment features throughout the day and in a basketball challenge against professional team Stockholm 08. Like the young Fryshuset clientele, all employees got to write a letter to themselves with personal vows for the future.

Post-event measurement generated the following results:

“I want to take an active part in developing our company culture”, average score 5.5 (max 6)

“Since the SPP Day, I have changed my behavior do contribute to our cultural growth”, 80 % yes (7 days after event)

“I will do my part to create more sales opportunities for SPP”, average score 5,6 (max 6)