Reitan Riksmöte

Each year, Reitan Convenience Sweden AB, gathers all tradesmen from Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven, together with some members of staff from the service office as well as a few suppliers, for a two-day national congress. Almost 1000 delegates from across the country came to Karlstad for a few well organized days on the theme “I’m a Winner – Give Me Five”. The conference venue was full of winning focus and the stands, as well, reflected the prevailing theme. Inspiring lecturers, interactive exercises and prestigious award ceremonies were on the agenda. The evening culminated with a show made by Darin and Timbuktu.

A survey among the participants after the congress, showed remarkable results: A huge increase in inspired tradesmen, a pride factor of 92% as well as a thorough increase in the understanding of the service office’s impact behind each individual tradesman’s success.