McDonald’s Gold Club 2011

Ronald McDonald House Charities has accommodated nearly 80 000 kids and parents in its four Swedish houses since the opening of the first building at Karolinska University Hospital in 1993. In 2012, construction began on a fifth house scheduled to open in spring 2013.

A key part of expanding the house charities in Sweden is of course financing. Franchisers and suppliers within the McDonalds organization can contribute annually, through membership in the “Gold Club”. Every year, McDonalds holds an event for the charity project’s financial supporters and in 2011, the event had a “Health & Fitness” theme.

Participants were brought to Swedish pro-athlete facility Bosön, where they got to try a number of different sports. The morning was spent in judo-practice with the Swedish national judo team. In the afternoon, participants took part in a pentathlon and got to try archery, wheelchair basketball and long jump.

After some well-needed rest, guests gathered again for an evening of food, drinks and entertainment. The night also featured an auction for the benefit of the construction of the new Ronald McDonald house in Uppsala.

Besides producing the event, Creative Meetings pitched in by donating half of its fee to the construction of the new house.