Malmö FF Children’s Day 2011

Hooliganism and violence at games has increasingly caused problems for soccer clubs all over Sweden – Malmö FF is no exception. Cliques of unruly supporters had on numerous occasions forced the team to abandon games – a big disappointment to peaceful fans in general, and to the very youngest in particular. To compensate, the club opened its doors to young Malmö FF fans, letting kids join the team in practice and hang out with their heroes.

On an October day filled with activities, kids enjoyed snacks and got to watch a full practice session with live commentary from Malmö FF coaches, and meet/hug/interview/challenge their idols on the field. A unique first for Malmö FF, the Children’s Day attracted over 1 000 visitors and got a lot of positive media attention – a much needed shift of focus, from violence and misery to the positive, heart-warming side of the sport.