Growth Day 2011

The Swedish branch of a multi-national organization needed to win employee understanding and liking for a new global strategy. The main focus of the strategy is economic growth – the event was consequentially named “Growth Day”. The concept focused both on collective as well as individual growth. Floral metaphors, images of prospering gardens and so on were used in stage décor and to frame other event settings.

Employees were engaged online through a customized web site. The site became a hub for registration, warm-up discussions and questions from employees, which then helped optimize the agenda for the actual event.

The program for the event included a variety of employees and organization representatives, who showcased their different work methods and identified opportunities for further internal co-operation. Lengthy Powerpoints were abandoned, in favor of on-stage debates, workshops, videos and other engaging communication formats. Moderator Bella Goldman led discussions on topics like local impact on the global organization.

The evening cocktail played on the relationship local-global. Food, décor and entertainment from all over the world formed an international tribute to the local Swedish team. A perfect ending to a day filled with meaningful insights.

“You met our every expectation and then some  – mission accomplished on your part. In her 20 years with the company, my boss has never received so much positive feedback on an event from participants. The outstanding service from Creative Meetings meant there wasn’t a single problem that couldn’t be solved”.

Results from the event:

My overall impression of the event: 5,4 / 6.0

I feel that I understand and know our strategy: +9 %

I know what to do in order to support our strategy: +11 %