German insurance company

A German insurance company brought their most successful sales people on an incentive trip to Stockholm. Participants went straight from the airport to Waxholm, where they got to experience a complete midsummer celebration, with an added bonus of charming Astrid Lindgren characters. After some authentic folk dancing, the participants moved on to an authentic Swedish crayfish party – a new experience to most of the guests…

The guests then traveled by boat to downtown Stockholm and hotel Clarion Sign, which they had all to themselves for the next four days. The hub of the hotel was the “Good Life Lounge”, a gigantic living room with snacks, waffles, massage, videogames and great décor.

On the first night, the party visited one of Alfred Nobel’s old dynamite factories from the 19th century. The evening featured huge test explosions, specially designed furniture and waiters-turned-circus artists, amongst other things. A spectacular after party at the hotel featured a hit performance from legendary Swedish rock band Europe.

The following day featured everything from RIB boat trips and museum visits to rooftop sightseeing and Swedish cooking. All activity groups gathered in old-school amusement park Gröna Lund, which had been rented for the occasion. The guests enjoyed a nice lunch and thrilling rides, with the park all to themselves.

The evening featured a grand celebration of the most successful salespeople. Modern circus group Cirkus Cirkör and dance company Bounce performed specially choreographed pieces and awards were presented by Swedish “winners” like Magdalena Forsberg and Ronnie Hellström. After a dinner at the City Hall, featuring an array of ABBA covers from various artists, guests continued to an afterparty with Swedish hit machine Dr Alban at legendary night club Café Opera.

The following day began at the opera, where participants were thrown into a customized treasure hunt. Navigating their way through the city, competing groups bumped into numerous actors and a series of challenges. The quest brought everyone to outdoor museum Skansen for lunch, and a final stop at the nearby Vasa museum.

On the third and final evening, guests enjoyed a nine-course dinner at Asian restaurant/nightclub Berns, to the rhythmic drumming of percussion group Con Rytmo. The group returned to the after-party, where two drummers emerged from a giant mirror ball in the middle of the room, kicking off a hit show with Swedish artists like Neneh Cherry, Harpo, Charlotte Perelli, E-type and Rednex/Cotton Eye Joe. A worthy finish to four amazing days!