G4S Management Forum 2011 – “Camp of the Conductors”

Thanks to new management, the Swedish branch of the world’s leading security company, G4S, had made a complete turnaround and changed its numbers from red to green. After several rapid changes, the company now needed to engage its mid-level management around objectives for the next four years. To make an abstract message simple and graspable, the event used the metaphor of a conductor leading her/his orchestra on the path to triumph.

As part of a long-term event strategy labeled “Camp of the Conductors”, the event of 2011 had a “Let’s Rock” theme. Stage monologues and lengthy powerpoints were abandoned in favor of open dialogue systems and workshops. Top management exposed themselves on stage, both professionally and personally. Flash mobs, ice-cream trucks and other surprises provided entertaining breaks throughout the day.

Extensive dialogue both before, during and after the event had a clear, resonating effect – the average score for the question “On a scale of 1-6, with 6 being the best, how familiar are you with the G4S objectives for the next four years?” went up from 4,2 pre-event to 5,6 post-event. Let’s rock!

The event was nominated for a Swedish event award, Gyllene Hjulet, for Best Corporate Event, in 2012.