Day of Stripes 2012

Swedish fashion retailer Polarn o Pyret had, up until 2011,had a fairly limited corporate event tradition. Despite, or maybe because of, a tough underdog position on the Swedish market, with a very limited budget for corporate communication, PoP chose event as means to mobilize its forces for challenges ahead.

Accountability and a measurable effect were of the essence. The event solution itself had to be cost-efficient and focused on the “bare essentials”. Smart web solutions allowed employees to nominate colleagues for corporate awards. Small-format workshopping created an open and casual meeting environment. “Actors” from top management helped visualize future strategies in an entertaining way and corporate awards boosted morale.

The event was concluded with everyone writing a letter with “personal vows” to themselves (the letter was then mailed back to participants three months later). The event generated lots of energy, laughter, insights and ambition – all at a very reasonable cost.