Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden Sales Conference 2012

The sales conference of 2012 faced a brand-new organization and, along with that, many new challenges. New top management wanted to focus on the connection between success and “going beyond expectations”. “How can I become successful in the next year?” thus became the headline for this year’s sales conference.

Everyone received customized invitations with a message to start reflecting on the main question. People were then directed to an interactive website, and eventually got an automatic phone call from the company CEO, also on the theme of “How can I be successful”.

The event itself included dialogue system iDialog, speed-dating exercises and writing a personal letter to yourself. Success stories from within the organization were highlighted throughout the day, and colleagues voted to reward exemplary employees with honorable mentions and awards.

All main marketing activities for the coming year were incorporated into the program and the venue itself was decorated in a clearly ”Cokeish” manner.

A post-conference web extended the event experience, answering additional questions generated through the dialogue system, published photos/video etc from the event, and allowed participant to evaluate the event itself. Post-event measuremend yielded the following results:

1. The sales team’s understanding of what can be done differently in 2012 to reach set objectives increased with 22 %.

2. The participants level of inspiration for the coming year increased by 13 %.

3. The event was given an overall score of 5,6, with 6 being the maximum score.